Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SNSD Bad Girl PV Released

Yeah..I know i'm late with this (haven't been on all day -.-), but here it is: SNSD (Shojo Jidai, Girl's Generation, etc. :P) Release of their recut (from Album) single of one of my faves "Bad Girl"

I'm not going to say i didn't love the concept, But like: Motorcycles leather jackets and sexy? I mean..it's been done before :/ And i feel like the dance is a little boring. Aside from this i think Tiffany , Taeyeon and Sunny look very gorgeous in this one, and all of the girl's outfits and hair is nice. I love the song itself a lot (was one of my faves on the album) and i think it can go far if promoted. Meh..Not really much to say (it's been a long day for me) and I'm so sleepy XD


  1. :D I kinda hate when they make Japanese songs... but this sounds catchy /downloads/

    (I made a blog just for commenting XD )