Tuesday, September 20, 2011

S/mileage Tachiagaru PV Released~

Continue with their success and major exposure in Japan, Idol Group S/mileage releases the music video for their 7th Single "Tachiagaru" (Tachiagare + Girl). This is the first to feature then 5 (Now 4 New Sub-Members.

Well for starters: I love this song. Its just as good as their last releases in my opinion. I don't find anything wrong with it (though S/mileage sounds a little bit more Whiny than usual due to the loss of their member Saki in August). Now about the video, I think it's kind of bland and very cheap looking lol; nothing really interesting going on here lol. BUUT , this is the first video for the Sub-members (and possible last for some), so i didn't expect them to do anything crazy with the budget. I'm pretty sure this song will go far and become popular like the last, so i have nothing but high hopes for them ~


Remember: This may be your last time seeing one of these girls (in the Pink) as a member of S/mileage. So if you would like them to further their career in S/mileage don't forget to send in your Smile photos http://kumaproject.blogspot.com/2011/09/smileage-live-tour-2011-autumn-smile.html


  1. I like this song but i can´t do nothing against the big fact...Sakitty is not there T.T

    I´ll try to separate both things...but it´s really difficult

  2. Same. She was ike my second fav after Yuuka. lol

  3. I have to add my voice to the cacophony singing Florence + the Machine's praises. This is an unbelievable album from a whopper of a talent. I first heard "Hurricane Drunk" on KCRW and within minutes had committed to buying the whole album. That was a month ago, and I gotta tell you, the album still hasn't gotten old despite repeated playings.