Monday, October 31, 2011


Haven't posted on her in like forever (lol sorry guys i have like..no life anymore ;-; so busy from school and work) but ahem..anyways....i just opened my mail box, and screamed to the tp of my lungs (my dad is like..oh geez not again lol). And i got the cd i have probably wanted the most (since i was like 15):

(Nana Kitade Kiss (Maxi Single)


2.Kiss Wo Kudasai

3.Kiss or Kiss (English Version)

4.Sweet Frozen Kiss

Lol Nana was the first Japanese artist i followed. And i like soon became a mega fan after and learned all her songs. And this is like my favorite ever from her (Contains all my favorite songs from her), and ahhh *fanboy dies* x_x lol

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