Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SNSD Fails me Again XD

After their flop of a single Bad Girl was released, i thought i had given up on what i thought was one of my favorite Korean Groups. And Ladies and gentleman, i have now given up lol, with their new single "The Boys"

I love love loveeee the concept for the video don't get me wrong, (it's really more amusing than their last one)judging from the first minute you'll be expecting a completely different song, But as it progresses it sounds like Reject Britney Spears album material. It does nothing for me (And Tiffany and Jessica's English sounds bad).I thought it would be good judging from thos esubliminal teasers we got a few days ago, but i was wrong. S.M. Entertainment pushed back what was supposed to be an "OMG AMAZING COMEBACK" single for THIS? I'm sorry, (no I'm not lol) but NO, just No. And Lol Daniel if you are reading this you per-ordered it for nothing XD. I'll give their next release ONE MORE TRY ! (SNSD's Korean stuff have been boring the heck outta me this year, but their Japanese singles have been so amazing <3, ugh...)

At least they are going to Promote in several places (But lol i can't believe they are taking this seriously)

they will perform the song at the Madison Square Garden in New York,and they are showing the MV or teaser idk wich one on screens all over the world for a month ( New York’s Times Square, Tokyo’s Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku and other 5 areas, Wangfujing Street in Beijing as well as in Kangnam, Seoul)

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