About Me


Hello Everyone Reading My Blog! For those of You who do not know, my name is Kylon (Pronounced Kai-Lin), i am 18 years old,bi-racial (Black & Indian), currently in my first year of College (trying to peruse to become a Special Education teacher), and i live in New York, United States.My Interests include Dancing, Video Games (Mostly Nintendo), going to the beach, watching TV,going to Church and listening to music.As far as music goes, that majority of what i listen to is predominately Jpop (and sometimes Kpop)

Road to Hello!Project:
In 2007 when i was 14 years, just like any other teenager, i was indulged in complete boredom! Back then, a site we are all familiar with "Youtube", had been fairly new to the internet world, and had taken quite interest in young adults and kids my age alike.Like everything on the internet, i would be nosy and see what it was about. Little did i know, that i would soon be on a never ending adventure of random searches lol.Upon my searches , one in particular "cute", had lead me to this video:

What had started out as never ending laughs, soon turned into complete annoyance.A few weeks would go by with this "annoying" song stuck in my head, until i found myself actually yearning for it. Singing it to myself in school, home, etc, i found out sooner enough that i (in some creepy way) liked the song.I immediately fell in love with members "Airi" and "Mai" who i deemed "really cute" and found my newest catchy tune.After weirdly falling in love with the song i decide to Google "C-ute" to see what they were REALLY all about. And upon so, one of the searches entailed that they were planning to their latest release:

After this video i was completely blown away, especially by members Erika and Maimi (very different from what "Oookina Ai" was), And thus following my first Jpop "Group".Soon after i would watch recent C-ute videos, and C-ute live performances, where one was Endless Love ~I love You More~ where i would soon find out about another H!P group T&C Bomber. After Watching more C-ute performances. I came a across a "DJ Mai Mai MC Airi/Chisa" Video.And in it they performed  a song called "Special Generation". Franktically i searched for a music video, only to be dissapointed by it not being from C-ute, but by someone named "Berryz Koubou". So i decided to look up that video:

After i watched this video i thought to myself "What a bunch of sluts!". I was so disgusted because i thought back then "Captain" was their youngest member and she was full fledged dancing in the center and i was like "Why are they having the baby of the group dance in the front!"; and  I was beyond Mortified by Risako , Momoko and Miaybi's voice. I was in utter confusion why Berryz and C-ute were "Related" (it wasn't until the release of Namida no Iro where i learned they and other groups were under something called Hello!Project). I was soon after a "Berryz Hater". Throwing slander on their Youtube videos and Praising C-ute every chance i would get. Secretly i would TRY to like Berryz, but with each of their release (and their voices) would only disgust me more.For 2 more years i would continue the hate Up until their Madayade video, where i tried to give them another chance, but ended up failing (continuing to Love C-ute even more).It wasn't until this amazing video where i would actally fall in love:

After the addiction that WAS "Dakishimete Dakishimete" i decided to reevaluate my hate and soon after, i would find myself learning and listening to More Berryz Koubou songs, until i was finally a fan (late 2009).As for Morning Musume, i had always know of their existence ( Saw Kanaishimi Twilight back in 2007), but the problem was that i would get so confused with who was who (with various different line-up's of members in each music video i saw from them. It wasn't until "Shouganai Yume Oibito" where i was blown away and decided to get to know them a little more. So after that ladies and gentleman, the rest is history, which has molded this young Wota in training, to know and have the Bias that i call Hello!Project today, that i love very dear.

Road to JPOP:
Officially, the first Ever Jpop Artist i had ever found/listened to from Youtube was a Young lady by the name of Nana Kitade in summer of 2007. My first ever Japanese song i had ever listened to was Her single "Kibou no Kakera" where i completely fell in love (which brings back so much nostalgia to this day).It's vague to me how i found it , but I'm really glad i did (I know all Nana Kitade Songs now and am still a huge hugee fan). I found a lot of artist along the way: PUFFY (due to their American cross over show Puffy Ami Yumi), Aya Hirano (The Meloncholy of Harhi Suzumiya) and Ayumi Hamasaki (For her Inuyasha Ending).Out of the vass amount of Artist i would find (including H!P)one in perticular: Utada Hikaru has stuck to me most.Her songs were "Different" to me. They had passion and soul (behind the lyrics) and the music was infectious (English and Japanese) and to this day she remains my all time fav artist ever.

Main Artists (Kpop and Jpop) I follow:


...And more that i don't want to list right now XDD