Hello!Project Ranking

1.-ute - The First Hello!Project Group i discovered and my fav line-up of girls.Though some of my faves (like Kanna and Erika) left, i still love them a LOT (And they always have my favorite concerts)
2.Morning Musume - Despite C-ute being fav, I love MM songs more than anyone! Though I'm still kinda iffy about their Line-up "Morning Musume" as a legacy will be truley loved by me forever.
3.Berryz Koubou - They have really been impressing me in the "Wow" factor since Heroine.
4.Mano Erina - she's also been impressing me a LOT lately. Her songs just keep getting better and better :)
5.S/mileage - They have dropped a lot since their debut for me. I dunno..i kinda find them..annoying now lol.
6.Kikkawa Yuu - I haven't really known her long enough to have an opinion about her.

1.Mami Yajima - She's always been my favorite after Erika. I have always thought of her as a really nice girl and probably one of the best looking girls in H!P ever! She's very level headed too (not so goofy) and i love/respect her for that.
2.Saki Nakajima - Lol i don't really have much to say about her. She's basically been in the same place of my ranking since i became a C-ute fan (Very High).I love her dancing (Sining could use a few tweeks lol).
3.Airi Suzuki - Airi is a nice girl. Not really much to say about her either lol.
4.Mai Hagiwara - Lol me and Mai have a love/hate relationship. I really get mixed feelings a lot from her (especially since she caused the 2009 Elder Club Graduation and all other graduations after that lmaooo) like she can be very sweet sometimes and bratty at others.
5.Chisato Okai - Ummm...hmmmm....lol (I kinda liked her better as a boy and now that she looks like a tranney I'm not sure)

Morning Musume

1.Ai Takahashi - She's my favorite person in Hello!Project (if u didn't know). She is really gorgeous, can dance extremely well, has an amazing voice,has an infectious smile and really fun cool personality. She's my perfect idol :)
2.Mizuki Fukumura - I really like Mizuki. She's a really nice girl, has a real passion for her group, and is realy kind. (I just wished she would open up a little more)
3.Riho Sayashi - Before i just thought she was some quiet girl with no personality, but she has started to grow on me a lot (From their current Music video Only You) as well as watching videos from when she attended the Hiroshima Acting School.
4.Risa Niigaki - I've grown to like her a lot recently as well. I think she's a real cool confident girl, and i can't wait to see her pursue the leadership role.
5.Sayumi Michishige - Meh Sayumi has been a little lack luster for me lately. I wanna see a little more from her (As in... Jokes and Narcissism! lol)
6.Reina Tanaka - I've been reading her blog posts a lot more often (as well as payed a little more attention to her on Hello!Pro time). I think she's a really funny girl
7.Erina Ikuta - I've fallen back into the "She's Boring" Stage loool.This doesn't mean i hate her though lol, i just haven't seen much of her is all.
8.Kanon Suzuki - At first i loved her, then i found her weird, now i think she's just plain crazy lol. Hopefully she will get her act together and be sane when she becomes a senpai in the fall lol.
9.Aika Mitsui - Lol it's mean to say, but she really doesn't belong in Morning Musume (For Me that is).She should be in her own group. She's too much of a herp derp to be in musume lol.At least she's getting a little more exposure these days? . (Hope u break your leg more often XD) -SHOTS- hahaha.
Berryz Koubou
1.Saki Shimizu - Captaaaaaaain! She used to be my all around fav H!P member back in 2010 (Until i fell in love with Ai~Chan). But Captain will always have a special place in my heart.I love everything about her (except mmaybe her singing lol). Her dancing is very amusing to watch, her personality is sweet (And not annoying), and i think she is a wonderful Leader!
2.Momoko Tsungunaga - Uggggg..This girl..lol. The thing is with Momo...no matter how much i may make fun of her, call her names,,, etc., at the end of the day, i always find myself really loving her hahaha. She's just sooo...lol i can't find the words.... 
3.Chinami Tokunaga - She moved up a lot for me. I find her extremely funny in every video i watch her in, and you always need a good laugh once in a while right? I wish her singing would improve though :/.

4.Miyabi Natsuyaki - Miya beaaaaaaaam~ I really love Miyabi. I think she is very gorgeous, and has a really amazing voice. She could work on the personality though =P 
5.Risako Sugaya - She moved a lot up since i became a Berryz Fan (she was probably the member i hated on the most *shame on me*). I always found her to be a ..ahem.."stuck up bitch"..but this really isn't the case. She is just a shy girl (and i can respect her for that).I have really grown to love her voice a lot too.
6.Yurina Kumai -Yurina...is a nice girl :) lol i don't have much to say about her.
7.Massa Sudou - Massa is a really cool and nice girl. But she's so freaking boring :/


1.Yuuka Maeda - I really love Yuuka a lot. She's really a nice cool level headed girl.I enjoy her singing the most out of the group too.
2.Saki Ogawa - Saki is very funny and very cool.Just wished she would take off her Halloween Mask :/
3.Kanon Fukuda - I love her name for starters lol. She's a real Character, this one; I really like her personality a lot (just wished she could improve a little on her singing). 
4.Ayaka Wada - Ugggg Dawa you freaking Air head! You need to gooooo! Tsunku Please demote her when the new members come and Make Yuuka the rightful leader PLEASE!

As Far as the soloists go, obviously i like Mano Erina more. I haven't really had time to get to Know Kikka properly (as she hasn't been featured in too many videos.As far as Erina goes, i freaking love her. I have always thought that her sales are so undeserved for the wonderful work she puts out. I really hope she can get more exposure and increased sales.